Lesson 3: Symbols for the right fingers, the left fingers and strings
The most popular symbols for the right fingers are used in 2 languages. One is Spanish and the other is French which only the front alphabets will be used.

The following words are the full name of these symbols.
Symbols Spanish French
P = thumb Pulgar Pouce
i = index indice index
m = middle finger medio majeur หรือ medius
a = ring finger anular annulaire
c, ch, e = little finger cuarto, chico doigt extreme

In fact, the little finger is called as 'auriculaire' in French, yet, replaced by 'e' instead of 'a', for the purpose of making difference of the first alphabet of the ring finger (annulaire).

'e' derives from 'extreme' which could be called 'doigt extreme' or 'petit doigt' either.

Apart from this, there are other symbols as follows:

+ or X = thumb
    = index
or = middle finger
or = ring finger
or = little finger

While the symbols of the left fingers are used by figures which starting from index and noted here that thumb is not used for pressing strings so there is no figure symbol for it.

1 = index
2 = middle finger
3 = ring finger
4 = little finger

The symbols of strings are shown by figures surrounded by circle while the 'open string' is symbolised as a small circle.

= the open string
= the first string (e)
= the second string (b)
= the third string (g)
= the fourth string (D)
= the fifth string (A)
= the sixth string (E)