Lesson 4: Plucking with the right fingers and how to shape the fingernails
There are 2 kinds of plucking with the right fingers.
1. The rest stroke style is the way of plucking any strings that let the striking hand rest on the neighbouring string. The rest stroke style gives a clearer sound than the free stroke style, so, this has become more popular for composing songs so as to highlight the contents or melodies, then, songs will be nicer.
The first rhythm of the rest stroke style:
The second rhythm of the rest stroke style:
The third rhythm of the rest stroke style:

2. The free stroke style This way allows players to pluck by any fingers which the striking finger must pluck upward, toward the palm without resting or touching other strings. This style will give a lower voice than the rest stroke style and usually it isn't suitable for melodies or the garden as a background, on the one hand, the atmosphere of songs.

The first rhythm of the free stroke style:
The second rhythm of the free stroke style:
The third rhythm of the free stroke:

Reminding that the rules about the purposes of the rest stroke style and the Free stroke style are flexible and need to be adapted to the idea that players should listen to its sound so that then, they could choose the most fit style instead of relying on the fixed rules. Or even sometimes either of them doesn't exist in the songs, for example, you actually knew that the rest stroke style isn't be existed while the free stroke style gives a nicer choice. To be more precise, this example will be shown.

In case, as you may know , the free stroke style is not be applied to some notes as any close strings plucked by the i finger and the m finger. Of course we could imagine that we want to strike by the i finger for a clear voice while the m finger for a small voice at the same time. Yet, in practice, it couldn't be done by the fact that resting of the i finger causes voiceless on the m finger.

The Circle style The Square style

There are 2 styles of it, the first and popular one is circle style and the other is the square with round edge.

The former one is highly recommended, especially, for the normal-shapely nails. This style could make 3 kinds of sound: the hard sound (the middle position of nail is used), the soft sound (the middle position toward the left side nail is used) and the very soft sound (the end of the left side of nail).

All these sounds importantly bring feeling to the music either sweet, despairing or even cheerful. For the abnormal right finger, it is necessary for the players to find out their own best nail styles.